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The complete Prep Course for SAS Advanced Programming Professional Certification SAS® 9.4. It is designed for anyone who desires to develop SAS programming skills and enter into data industries. Many data industries are eagerly hiring SAS professionals with the SAS BASE programming certification. If this is your goal, this course is right for you!

Benefits of the course

  • SAS Advanced Programming Techniques and Efficiencies
  • SAS Macro
  • SAS SQL (SAS Proc SQL)
  • The most complete SAS Advanced programming certification course

Topics for this course

12 Lessons 20 hours


What is Macro, Application of Macros05:20
Programming flow of Macro04:10
What is Macro variable & Basic information about it05:30
Automatic & User defined Macro variables
How Many Ways to Create Macro variables

Assignment -I

Assignment -2


  • Students or professionals who plan to take this course need to have basic knowledge about SAS programming

Target Audience

  • Basic knowledge about SAS programming

Materials included

  • 2 to 3 Weeks
  • 3 articles
  • 12 Topics

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  • Duration 20 hours
  • Lessons12
  • Skill levelIntermediate
  • CategorySAS

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